>OpenStomp(TM) Coyote-1: FAQs

Will there be a Linux or Mac version of OpenStompTM Workbench?

Linux and Mac support are not currently planned. This is a one-man project which resulted from creating something I wanted for myself and making it available to the public. The volumes are very small and I am not out to create a dominant stomp box company or take over the world. Right now it's Windows based because that is what I use personally, that is what the Parallax Propeller tools are based around, and that is what I have development tools / platforms / expertise in.

Will there be MIDI support?

There are no MIDI connectors on the device. Its should be possible to create a little MIDI interface board that attaches to the expansion port, gathers up relevant program change events, and passes them to the device. The interface is probably not suited to huge volumes of high speed data, but if you're just looking to control the pedal remotely then that should be achievable.

Will the USB out carry a digital audio signal?

Not by design, but it may be achievable. The USB interface attaches to a USB to serial converter inside the pedal, and is currently used for pedal configuration/control and code loading. One could modify the O/S to transfer audio data over the interface, but the challenge would be what kind of sample rate/sample width you can reasonably keep up with over what is essentially a serial port.

Can the pedal be used for Bass? Keyboards? Vocals?

Absolutely; all of the above and anything else you can get onto a 1/4 inch cable. Some of the effects (like distortion) may not be applicable to, say, bass guitar but others (like chorus or delay effects) should be applicable to anything from spoons to the didgeridoo.

Will PAL video be supported?

Actually yes. Video is essentially generated in software by the Propeller with a little bit of hardware support. Parallax's website has drivers supporting both PAL and NTSC. The initial focus will be on NTSC, and the video based pieces of software (like Pong) shipping with the pedal are NTSC based, but conversion to PAL is possible and is supported by the Propeller chip and the Coyote-1 hardware.